You Can’t Get Lost if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going…

Central Chile – Near Puerto Montt

It was a lonely Christmas and all through the house….

Wait a second, there was no house, I’m homeless…

Anyways, it was really a Christmas and I had the roads to myself. I rented a little go-kart that I named Schwifty and put the miles on without any real destination. Central Chile may be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been… but I feel that way about a lot of places, I’m bad with favorites…

Chile is a place where massive mountains crash right into the ocean and this particular area that I was driving in is loaded with giant snowcapped volcanoes and about a million lakes hidden around every corner. My Christmas present this year was a ferry that took me across from a point back toward Puerto Montt, it would have been a loooooong drive back otherwise.

Also, props to La Cosita Pizzeria for being open on a holiday when normal people relax with their families and don’t leave the house.

Join me and Schwifty for a speedy tour of Central Chile

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